Returing to gaming…

I recently got my self the Playstation 4 along with Destniy and I have to say I enjoyed the hell out of it. However as with every gaming (at least for me) the online community is the essence of a great saga. I have some what already lost my favorite players in destiny, but I have a feeling we will return on once the expansions will be released. But I want more now!

My old memories of the World of Warcraft days are so grand an filled with glory I am considering trying out the new expansion – but not with out fears! The launch has already been a huge failure and I have not yet dared to install the game. I must… I will wait my journey to the grand 100, I’m not even sure how to approach it this time. Maybe start from scratch and experience all the “new” changes or use the boost and go straight for the goal.

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